Our vision

Video production that


We believe people should be able to express themselves in the ways they want. Using avatars acting in virtual spaces instead of actual camera footage provides amazing control over the final results of recording. An immersive aspect of VR allows you to become your character instead of acting like one.

We deliver next-generation communication platform.

Our unique approach of using a combination of Augmented and Virtual Reality running on portable platforms gives extreme flexibility where and when the content is recorded without compromising quality. With Oculus Quest and iPad in your backpack, you have your recording studio with you all the time.
How it works

Our way to create engaging XR video content

Our platform allows distributed teams to work efficiently and create new experiences suiting their needs.

Get your character’s avatar

Upload your virtual character or create one in minutes

Select virtual space for your studio

Create a virtual location for your recording or pick existing one

Record your performance

Do it on your own or invite friends. Your space can host up to 10 people!

Share it with your audience

Upload your video to YouTube, Vimeo, or TikTok
Our toolbox

Studio / Camera of the future

We build tools for making immersive content creation accessible and easy. We start with Studio. Meet our next-generation camera solution.

Realistic avatars

We use the latest technology to create realistic and interactive avatars for remote members.

High-quality spatial audio

The greatest experience requires smooth audio communication. W provide spatial and rich audio to al the users.

Inteligen face recognition

We use the most advanced machine learning algorithms to understand your facial expressions and animate avatar body accordingly.

Built-in messaging

We provided a unique way of sending additional text and image-based content seamlessly between the users.
Contact us

30830 Cracow, POLAND

Email: marcin@explodedview.io
Phone: (+48) 698654965

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